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Discover how you can turn your garden ideas into a beautiful part of your home.

Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

dSDThe great aspect about gardens is that they come in many different shapes and sizes. There are plenty different tricks and tips to maximize any outdoor space that needs a little sprucing. Someone working with a small outdoor space can still create the garden of their dreams. The first step is determining what the garden will enhance, its function, and preferable maintenance.

One great idea is to add a freestanding pergola over gravel to your outdoor space in order to create an outdoor room. Here outdoor furniture can be added to make a wonderful sitting area. A pergola would be great for anyone interested in hanging or vine plants. They could be planted in a way to wrap around the structure to enhance the ultimate outdoors experience. Another great aspect of pergolas is that they form a sense of enclosure causing patios to seem much larger.

If your land contains large trees with barren spots underneath them, they make for an excellent garden area. Several trees in a yard do not mean a garden can’t be created. Homeowners can pave an area with flagstone right under their trees. Potted plants are a good option to decorate this style garden. Outdoor furniture can be added to enjoy a nice little spot under the shade. Planting flowers around the perimeter will add a nice touch to really make the area pop.

Adding a pond isn’t as hard as it may seem and doesn’t require much maintenance or a huge backyard to complete. A hole must be dug then a pond liner and pump is added, simple! Large rocks, lily pads, flowering plants and even fish can be added to bedeck the space. These are great for any yard that have low or wet spots. Ponds are also great for attracting a variety of colorful butterflies and birds.

Another great option is rock gardens. Rock gardens are inexpensive and create a unique natural look while emphasizing the plants. Just make sure to add a lining underneath to keep weeds from popping through. With so many different types of rocks they can really get creative. Rock gardens can be done on steep hillsides or areas with tough growing conditions. Adding colorful plants are the best option to make vivid contrast between the two. If you would like a year around rock garden add eye popping plants such as irises and vignettes.

No matter the size of a yard there’s always enough room for improvement. Simple items such as potted plants can be placed in a way to change the space into comforting visualizations. Ponds, plants, structures, and furniture can turn a dream into reality.